By using the Services and this website, you agree to the collection and use of data in accordance with our Privacy Statement, as described on this page.

Cookies - general information

  • The Palantir website uses Google Analytics to collect visitor statistics. The data is only used to improve the quality of the website, and is never shared with anyone.

Information for FirstMagic Users

No personal information is collected about you or your use of the FirstMagic Web Hosting Service except for the following:

This is what we record about you when you use the FirstMagic Service:
  • Service Logs: the time you sign into your Website User Account, and the time you sign out. We only record which FirstMagic User Account was used and its IP address. We do not record any other information about your location or identity.
The above is recorded for security purposes only.

If you have E-mail attached to the FirstMagic Service:
  • When an email message was sent or received: we record who it was sent to / who it came from. If there is an error in sending or receiving a message: what type of error occured, and the title (subject) of the message.
  • SMTP logs are created for all mail traffic
The above is recorded only to monitor the health of the system and how it communicates with other e-mail systems.

Who has access to the logs
  • Only the Server Administrator Team has access to the Service and SMTP Logs. Enquiries pertaining to this, or for information that may exist in the logs, may be directed to
When are the logs deleted
  • The Editor Logs are deleted when the Web Page in question is deleted; they are metadata belonging to the page itself, and do not exist outside  separate from the page.
  • The Service and SMTP logs are always retained.